• Poster for the play Coldstream

    "An absolutely amazing piece of theatre - exciting, disturbing, thought provoking - the best thing I've seen for a long time".

    "Coldstream is a truly powerful new play which never lets go for a second - things stay just the right side of chaos, most of the time. A hugely affecting production - you won't forget this for a long time".

    "Scenes beautifully woven together - fantastic choreography".

    "Excellent piece of theatre. The actors and staging were amazing - a thought provoking and emotional journey".


    Don't Look Now

  • Poster for Don't Look Now

    Three off West End Nominations.

    "An exploration of cognitive psychology. Lavish staging with no expense spared. By far the most impressive I have seen to date at The Queens Theatre". "Stellar and fully compelling performances. An impressive production".

    "Plays to the pragmatic strengths of live theatre".

    "Simon Jessop has a real sense of creating atmosphere and mood. Don't Look Now joins his impressive repertoire".

    "Four Stars. Jessop boldly sets everything in a beautiful, architectural frame".

    "Jessop's imaginative interpretation uses live music, "cinematic" sound and projections, and a myriad of telling details and symbols".

    "The moods of the piece are meticulously managed".

    "This production doesn't slavishly follow its more famous predecessors version of the story - but brings a different set of creative opportunities, so the 'play' can be just as good, if not better than the film. This version brings the couples emotions to the fore, and beyond the supernatural thrills and 'glamour', it is the raw truthful feelings that resonate long after you've left the theatre".


    The Elephant Man

  • Poster for The Elephant Man

    "Five Stars. Outstanding. The Queens Theatre is back on top form in this brilliant revival of Pomerances powerful drama, directed by Simon Jessop, combining spectacular theatricality with intimate exchanges. This is outstanding work by any standards. Strong concept, marvellous music, the directors vision and amazing acting - all ensure a memorable two hours in the theatre. Stunning. Magnificent. There are so many heart stopping moments: the French song as the rain pours down on Merrick and his keeper. Romeo and Juliet unravelled. The entrance of the freak show cart, with live chickens cooped on the roof, through light and fog worthy of Fellini." (The Public Reviews)

    "An absolutely outstanding production. Last night I had the great pleasure of attending the press night of The Elephant Man. I have been to many productions at The Queens. However I was not quite prepared for how good The Elephant Man was. We were presented with the use of photographs, shadow work, video footage, livestock, hauntingly beautiful live music, fire techniques, indoor rain and even smell to help transport us. For me this was an ensemble piece in the true spirit of the word, where every actor effectively contributed to the experience as a whole. Heartfelt, honest, moving, full of atmosphere and emotion. Triumphant! A fantastic success." (Phoenix FM)

    "Dark, twisted and gripping" (Romford Recorder)

    Ambitious, edgy theatre. Director Simon Jessop has really pushed his cast with this production, with many surreal and avant grade elements. Imaginative idea to use the audiences sense of smell to heighten the realism of several scenes. A strong and inventive take on a modern classic." (Essex Chronicle)

    "A very powerful piece of theatre" (

    "A heartbreakingly physical performance" (The Stage)

    "Intensely moving" (

    "Bold, imaginative staging. Jessop grippingly creates an alarming phantasmagoria of late Victorian phobias and alarms." (Reviews Gate)

    "A poetic masterpiece. As Associate Director of The Queens Theatre Simon Jessop was an excellent choice to direct such a difficult show, and with his experience of the Theatre, he knew how to get the most out of the space, cast and production team." (Hornchurch Life)

    "A darkened curtain and haunting music start us off in The Elephant Man and there are visible gasps as the dramatic opening scenes unfold. It is now that I know what the packed audience is in for - a thrilling and compelling display of sights, sounds and smells. Directed by the theatres critically acclaimed Associate Director, the true life play features a shiver - giving original soundtrack written by Steven Markwick performed live on stage by the cast. Endlessly powerful and provocative. This really is a must - see." (East London Enquirer)


    Deadly Murder

  • Deadly Murder starring Lucy Benjamin

    "Ever since his production of The Great Gatsby drew wide acclaim last summer, audiences have been waiting to see if director Simon Jessop could follow this up. Psychological thriller Deadly Murder rewards them for their patience. Tantalising with every twist and turn. Jessop delivers again in what proves a modern, suspense-laden, edge of your seat thriller." (The Stage)

    "Four Stars. There are enough twists, bluffs and blind alleys to satisfy the most demanding aficionado of the genre. Polished flair. It is done with such style. Impressively convincing violence." (The Public Reviews)

    "Thoroughly entertaining. A roller coaster ride. This play is almost an homage to the infamous film director Quentin Tarrantino. Lucy Benjamin is brilliant. Simon Jessop deserves credit for delivering a tight production that keeps the audience guessing even as the final curtain drops. There is meticulous attention to detail throughout. Everything has been thought about." (U.K. Theatre Network)

    "The Queens Theatre has done it again! If you ever needed proof that a resident repertory company can serve up entertainment to make sure that missing the telly is a pleasure, then Director Simon Jessop has just provided it. Magic! Jessop made an excellent job of it. Should you go? Should the Pope be based in Rome? Should the sun rise in the East?" (Gateway 97.8)

    "Queens latest production does Tarrantino proud as it grips audience from the get-go. Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin demands attention as soon as she steps on stage. A gripping play that takes you on a journey that you would not want to miss." (Romford Recorder)

    "Director Simon Jessop keeps the action at boiling point." (


    The Great Gatsby

  • Play - The Great Gatsby

    "Five Stars. A seriously stylish production. Simon Jessops first show as director, and he has certainly seized the opportunity with both hands. Jessops vision is never realistic,and rarely glamorous. This is Gatsby as Arthur Miller might have told it, drilling down to the raw, deformed emotions at the heart of the piece. The staging is striking. Amazing. " (The Public Reviews)

    "Jessop's stripped back depiction, with its highly inventive opening dazzles. If Queens stalwart Jessops directorial debut is the litmus test, then like one of Gatsbys parties, roll on the next one" (The Stage)

    "At 7.30 on Monday evening Simon Jessop was a member of cut to the chase, the Queens ensemble of actor-musicians, about to have his first attempt at directing revealed. By a quarter to ten he was an accomplished director with a rare and firm mastery of style and ensemble. This theatre normally guides the audiences through its shows. Jessop demands they sit up and make their own connections. The final enthusiastic response shows they have done just that. (Reviewsgate)

    "There were a few open mouths at The Queens Theatre this week after a director did it 'his way'. He made his mark with panache and a lot of style. This display of talent was remarkable. A brilliant piece of theatre...a show that has everything...a crafted piece of theatre... There's no brakes on this one." (

    "Bold... Meta-theatrical... Unique... Exciting... Powerful and inventive. This production is a breath of fresh air." (Romford Recorder)

    "Four Stars. Superb. Jessop has reworked elements of Joucla's innitial adaptation. The sexiest production I've seen on The Queens stage." (Whatsonstage)



  • Deathtrap - Play by Ira Levin

    "This play pushes and pulls your expectations, before completely tearing them apart" (Romford Recorder)

    Four stars (Whatsonstage)

    "Works so well... Enthrals" (The Stage)

    "Devitt and Jessop are the gifted directors here, they must have worked on thousands of thrillers between them, and the way they manipulate the audience, massage the plot and use music to alter the mood is little short of masterly" (The Public Reviews)

    "Had me holding my breath the whole time...there was one moment when everyone on my row physically jumped" (Hornchurch Life)


    A Passionate Woman

  • Play - A Passionate Woman

    "Keeps you on the edge of your seat" - 4 stars (

    "A rare piece of theatre - kept the audience riveted - an enthralling theatrical experience" (Brentwood Gazette)

    "A beautifully staged revival - an evening of humour, emotion and a thoughtful reflection on love, loss and life's bitter disappointments" (The Public Reviews)

    "A comic yet thought - provoking play" (The Stage)


    Treasure Island

  • Play - Treasure Island

    "A sure - fire hit...The treasure isn't lost, it's right here" (The Stage)

    "A little gem" (Romford Recorder)

    "An amazing show" (The Public Reviews)



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